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Okay, a guy writing an article on ‘nicknames for guys’! How weird is that? Now now…don’t get all judgmental! Before you think of the queer or likewise, allow me to explain. ‘Nicknames for guys’ happens to be a topic that I am writing on, purely on the basis of the diverse and valuable inputs provided by my many beautiful female friends. For the record, I am a Gemini (read: born flirt), and a blessed one at that. God has been mighty kind to me, so much so that the enjoyable company of pretty damsels is something that I have rarely lived without!Pretty damsels seldom remain single, right? Well, of course they don’t. And they didn’t. Nearly each one of them had their own boyfriends, dating partners and fiances. (For the record, it was either of the three, not one of each!). The other girls had a bunch-load of guy friends (who of course, were boyfriends of other pretty damsels). What often intrigued me (and at times, led me to the point of exasperation) were the amazing nicknames that these girls had ‘bestowed’ upon their boyfriends and guy friends. That, dear readers, is what has inspired me to write this article on cute nicknames for guys, funny nicknames for guys, cool nicknames for guys, and God-knows-what-else nicknames for guys. So, prepare for a somewhat sarcastic ride ahead! (Or a funny one, depending on how you perceive it).When you have a special person in your life, there are so many unspoken things which only stay in your heart. It’s either the time is not right, or both of you are so busy with your own lives, that you ignore the importance of each other. Many a times it so happens, that you want to say something sweet to him/her, but the moment passes by. There are so many unsaid love quotes, wishes and memories, which you always wanted to express to the only person who thinks you’re perfect but because of your materialistic life, they go without being noticed. And then, finally, you realize all the things you should have said and done, but the time’s gone and so is that person. If you have someone so dear in your life, hold on to him/her and make them feel loved with a few romantic things to say. If you’re out of such words to make them feel special, read on and find out some romantic text messages for them as well!Do you know, why God made Eve? Since, we’re talking about romance, let me tell you, not because she completed Adam in many ways, but simply for the reason of companionship. Love is something you can get from anyone very easily. But the catch is, for how long can you hold on to it, as the more you do, the stronger it will get. Communication being the best way of expressing these cute love sayings, you should never feel bad or awkward about being honest. If you want to say something romantic and sweet to your loved ones, go ahead and say it! To help you with a few such romantic things to say to him/her, we have come up with a list of them, take a look.Love is in the air and you can make it more romantic by saying something special. What can be better than the language of love, that is, French language, to express you inner most feelings of love and care to that special person in your life. You can practice some arts of flirting, before you can say the most romantic French phrases. The art of love, French phrases and a dinner date is the perfect combination of striking your lover with the arrow of love. Let us see some interesting romantic phrases that will help you sweep your lover off his or her feet.Most Romantic French Phrases The French were known for their prowess in flirting, even in their daily lives. When you have met the love of your life for the first time, in order to get her attention you need to use a powerful, yet romantic French phrase. You should simply greet her and say, ‘vous êtes très jolie’. This translates as ‘you are very beautiful’ in English. If she blushes and shows interest, continue with the line, ‘Où avez-vous été tous ma vie?’, that means, ‘where have you been all my life?’ This will catch her eye and she will start a conversation with you. But if you are a beautiful mademoiselle, you can approach the handsome monsieur with the line, ‘bonjour, mon nom est _, comment allez- vous?’. This means, ‘Hello, my name is ___, how are you?’ You should say it with all the feminine charm and grace that no man in the world can resist. A little accent will help you ignite the love in his mind. You can find some romantic pick-up lines in the article romantic conversation starters. You two have been covering all evenings and one date leads to another. You have developed a good rapport and understand each other well. So it’s finally time to take your friendship to a different level. When you want to express your interest in the other person, but are not sure of the reaction, you can use a subtle line to get your feelings through. You can simple say a romantic French phrase that is simple, yet indirectly hinting to towards your actual feeling. ‘je t’aime beaucoup’ that means ‘I like you a lot’. If you feel the feeling is mutual, you can move on to, ‘je vous aime beaucoup’, which means ‘I love you very much. For those of you who are hopelessly in love and cannot wait to go through this love game of ‘throw a hint and watch’, just walk you to your love and say in the most romantic way ever, ‘Je t’aime du plus profond de mon coeur’ , that means ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart’. You can just whisper these lines, in the heat of the moment in your lovers ears and seal your love with a ‘French Kiss’. You will find some some interesting tips on how to French kiss in the article how to French kiss a girl. You can even try some more of the following most romantic French phrases at appropriate time.Once you have proclaimed your love to your love interest and the world, you can now try some romantic ideas for couples. You can always shower your love with some romantic French phrases every now and then. You can wake your love in the morning for a fresh start with romantic French love phrase ‘Tu es pour moi la plus belle’ that translates as ‘To me, you are the most beautiful’. Or you can just say, ‘Tu et mon vie’, which means, ‘You are my life’. When you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with the gorgeous person in your arms, it is time to buy a diamond engagement ring.You can try some romatic ways to get engaged and use a romantic French phrase to propose. You should invite your love for a romantic date and get down on your knee or ask the waiter before hand to drop a ring in the champagne glass. Once your love sees the ring, simple utter the romantic French phrase, ‘Je veux passer la reste de ma vie avec vous’ that means, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’. And when your love is still gasping to catch a breath pop in the most important words ”Veux-tu m’epouser?’, that is, ‘Will you marry me?’ She will only be able to say ‘oui, oui, je vais vous épouser’ (yes, yes, I will marry you) as an answer to your sincere question.Well, this was my take on romantic French phrases. There are many more romantic French phrases that you can learn from my article, ‘French love phrases’. You can quench your thirst to find true love by using these most romantic French phrases when you meet the person your heart desires. You need to be patient and giving, when it comes to love. Many times you cannot expect love to strike the other person immediately. Try some flirting and friendly gestures, and hope for Cupid to strike. I hope this article on romantic French phrases was useful to you. ‘Bonne chance’.

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